About me: Creative writer. Thoughtful observer. Resourceful journalist. Lover of media-” traditional and new. Actually, make that lover of storytelling, no matter the format.

Professionally, I’ve worked for The Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong, (packed my bags after graduation and arrived in a country where I didn’t know a soul, and proceeded to write about everything from tea price speculation in China to the anti-voluntourism movement in Laos), Houston Chronicle (freelance reporting covering beats throughout Houston), Fort Worth Star-Telegram (I once climbed a muddy hill in heels to cover a raging barn fire ), North Texas Public Radio (filed stories, then listened to them on the 5 p.m. newscast while driving home) and Knight Ridder’s Washington Bureau (which became McClatchy while I was an intern…and where one of my more successful stories entailed me running around the street asking strangers for their opinions on race. Definitely awkward, but the story got page-one treatment.)

I recently started as a reporter for Argus Media, where I cover the supply and demand of crude oil and the companies that refine and produce it. It’s a fascinating beat, and in the few short months I’ve been on it, I’ve covered everything from the Exxon pipeline spill in Montana to the run-up and run-down of crude futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Before that, I was the Lead Green Writer for VentureBeat, a fabulous Silicon Valley website that covers the venture capital community and the business of technology. Their stories are carried by NYTimes.com and Reuters. I covered everything from electric cars to solar panels, venture-backed startups to major companies like GE.

I graduated with double degrees, one in business and the other in arts & performance. It’s a fairly apt description of my interests.

Once, a veteran investigative editor told me, even as the newspaper industry was starting to fall apart:”Being a journalist is the best job in the world because you get paid to be curious.” Four years and one recession later, I still think this is true.

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