Iris and/or LedBetter appear in the following press mentions:

"These 3 Companies Sell to Women — But Have None on Their Executive Teams." — Fortune, 2016.
"'LedBetter' Index Lets You Buy From Companies with Women in Top Jobs." — Forbes, 2016.
"These 10 Brands Have No Women in Leadership Positions."  — New York Magazine, 2016.
"This Web App Shows Just How Few Women Hold Leadership Roles at Top Brands."  — Inc. Magazine, 2016.
"Hey Ladies, Your Favorite Brand is Probably Run by Men."  — Marketplace, 2016.
"A Reason to Shop at H&M That Has Nothing To Do With Fashion."  — The Huffington Post, 2016.
"These Are the Companies With the Fewest Women In Leadership Roles."  — Mashable, 2016.
"New Website LedBetter Maps the Glass Ceiling At Nearly 2,000 Major Consumer Brands."  — Bitch, 2016.
"In Need of Some Diversity."  — Donald J. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, 2016.